In June 2017, Micronic hosted a technical face-to-face meeting in Kosice, Slovakia. The progress on the demonstrators was an essential item on the agenda. You can find a superficial description of all three demonstrators in the newsletter that has recently been published.

Beside that the consortium focused on the ongoing work in WP3 and the main structure of the upcoming deliverable D3.3. The roadmap for the security evaluation by partner Brightsight was hugely important for the prospect of the upcoming months.

As Micronic is located in Trebejov, which is only 20km away from Kosice, the consortium was invited to visit the labs and the manufacturing facilities of the company. Micronic a.s. was founded in 1992 with the aim of providing electrical engineering services including development and manufacturing. In 1996, the team of Ladislav Cechlar began to work on its today's core business: development, production and sales of solutions for informatoin security. It was a great experience being directly at the production line of our HECTOR evaluation boards.

Back home we already had our regular EB call were we reflected the meeting and defined clear action points and a structured roadmap for the pending deliveries.