In September 2017, Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne hosted the HECTOR meeting at the Hubert Curien Laboratory in Saint-Étienne. It is only six more months to go until the project ends. Great things happened since HECTOR started on 1st March 2015, but for a successful finalization there is still plenty of work to be done in the upcoming months.

Our meeting started on Tuesday (5th September) with updates regarding the PUF and TRNG building blocks, focusing on their integration in the final HECTOR demonstrator. From a strategic point of view, we recapped the HECTOR outcomes against the formerly defined objectives, specifications and requirements. Additionally, we performed proactive risk analysis and defined concrete mitigation measures, to minimize the impact on our future plans. On Wednesday 6th September, we started with an overview of our dissemination activities. At that day we had the tangible result of 7 publications in 2015, 19 publications in the year 2016 and 14 publications in 2017 so far, which is a total number of 40 publications in 31 months of the HECTOR project. We continued with the security evaluation performed by partner Brightsight and had interesting discussions with the aim to bring forward the activities regarding the demonstrators and the writing of the upcoming deliverables.
Beside our regular technical face-to-face assembly, four external advisors were invited in advance to join us for technical discussions on the 7th September:

We presented the hot topics that we were repeatedly dealing with during the project lifetime. That included the lessons learned from HECTOR on TRNG design and the evaluation of their compliance with recommendations of BSI (AIS 31), with the last draft of NIST SP 800-90B and the requirements of the French DGA. In addition, we discussed about lightweight crypto and post processing as well as the degradation of side-channel countermeasures. The challenges on PUFs learned in the course of HECTOR led finally to feedback and an open discussion round with the AB members.

The meeting was great success. We are working hard to achieve our set goals and looking forward to our next meeting in Delft in December.